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What's New?

July 21, 2011

Summer's here again and that means it's convention season for comics and games. I'll be making the trek out to Indy to be at Gen Con again this year. I just got in the 2011 Dragon Gear custom dice for and they look awesome. Thanks again to Chessex for another great job.

Look for my table in the artshow. Stop by and see some new art and check out the new products I have for sale this year as well as some old favorites.

Hope to see you in Indy.

December 15, 2010

A quick note to let you know that my PO Box has been cancelled for now.
Anyone looking to send cards to get autographed should send them with a self addressed, postage paid return envelope to:

Paul (Prof) Herbert
8 Poplar St.
Milford, MA 01757

I'm currently in the planning stages for a new website that I hope to release soon.

My art blog is still going strong.
Visit Random Acts of Artwork at:

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and I'll see you in 2011.

April 02, 2010

Once again, we're well into a new year, a new decade, and an overdue update on What's New. I've had a busy schedule since I last posted. I've done some new work for Fantasy Flight Games which I can't quite show yet due to the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) it's still under. I did a few pieces for Pheonix Interactive who produce the Warlord CCG for the expansion set Sands of Oblivion. I've also started up a couple personal pieces I hope to finish by this summer to display at Gen Con Indy.

I've started dipping my brush into another Pandora's box, an art blog. It's called Random Acts of Artwork. It will showcase a lot of my sketchbook pages and other odd art jobs that don't seem to fit in with style of this website. It's up and running now at www.randomactsofartwork.tumblr.com

I've also have a fan page up on Facebook under "Paul (Prof) Herbert". If you want to look it up and "become a fan" your more than welcome to do so.

Convention appearances!
I am confirmed for Gen Con Indy 2010 and will once more be in the Art Show.
I'll also be attending this years Illuxcon 3, though as a patron instead of an exhibitor (so I can attend all the great workshops and seminars ;).

Having tea and conversation with ninjas!
I had the pleasure of being a guest on one of my favorite podcasts Ninja Mountain. It's available free for downloading at either the Ninja Mountain blogsite or on iTunes. Episode #59 is the one I'm in but feel free to listen to other episode too.

I'll have some new artwork up in the gallery section as soon as I get the OK that it's safe to show it.

That's it for now.

Have a great Spring!

June 30, 2009

Spring is gone and Summer is now here, and I noticed I haven't posted an update in awhile, so here we are with an update.

Legend of the Five Rings Kotei events
The Kotei signings I attended went very well this year. It's nice to see Rokugan is doing so well. Thanks to Eric Devlin and Team Whiplash for running such a solid New England Kotei for so many years (10 or more I think). I had the company of fellow artist Drew Baker at that signing (always a pleasure to share in the madness with Drew). You can see Drew's artwork here.

Big thanks go out to Diana Wong and her crew at the Tacoma, WA Kotei. It was fun getting back out to the west coast and meeting the L5R fans out that way. The great and talented Steve Argyle was my brother in art for that show. You can view Steve's artwork here.

Other News
I've got a few new additions to the gallery.

Fubiri no Oni
Knight of the Burning Dead 1 (concept art)
Zombie Mosh! (cover)
Skaven Engineer (Crown of Destruction cover)
Tau Troops (Fire & Honour cover)

As always I'm working on new art that I can't show right away (damn those pesky non-disclosure agreements). I'll post new stuff when I'm allowed to display the work.

Other than that, my time is being eaten up by preparations for Gen Con Indy this August 13-16. Details for the convention can be found here.

I'd like to leave you with a few items of interest to artists and art fans. First, a couple blogs sites I've been enjoying lately:


Jon Schindehette's (senior art director for Wizards of the Coast) fun art blog. Lots of reader/artist participation and new content every weekday.

V I E W-Vintage Illustration Explored Weekly
Jeff Menges' great blog on illustration's golden age (a favorite art period of mine). It's not always "weekly" but it's always good.

Second, for those into listening to podcasts on your iPods, I highly recommend
the informative and entertaining:

Ninja Mountain Podcast
It's a free download from the website or iTunes.
If you like what you hear, download past episodes as they cover different areas of the illustrators' working world and it's weekly.

That's it for this time around. I hope to have another news update before I'm off to Gen Con Indy (no promises as Gen Con prep could suck away all my time) so check back before then.

January 20, 2009

Happy New Year!
Time to start another year that will probably zip by as fast as the last one did.
I've got a few new things to tell about since my update last summer.

The comic covers I did for Boom! Studios have come out for the Crown of Destruction and Fire & Honour mini-series (pictured below). If you want to see the art without all the cover graphics on it just click on the cover.

CoD2       Cod3


I'm also featured in this month's issue of Imagine FX magazine #39, a British magazine devoted to fantasy and sci-fi art and its creation.


(great cover by Dehong He)

I always find this magazine to be a great source for inspiration and instruction, so I was very pleased and honored to be asked to appear in their Traditional FXPose section. Please check it out next time you're at your local newsstand.

Seeing this cover reminds me to let you know about a couple of signing appearances I'll be making this spring. AEG's Legend of the Five Rings CCG will be running their Kotei season tournaments as they do each year. I'll be at the New England Kotei on March 21st and at the Tacoma WA Kotei on April 4th to sign cards, sell prints and have fun talking with the fans (Bonzai!). If you're in the area stop in and say hello.

Last bit of news is I finished artwork for another of Bucephalus' games called Zombie Mosh! (I'll post more on that as the release gets closer) as well as some new work for Legend of the Five Rings CCG.

That's about it for now. Thanks again for coming to my website to see what I've been up to. I'll be posting new stuff from time to time so check back.

August 18, 2008

I've updated the Gallery as promised. I've added 9 new pieces to replace some of the older pieces. When you mouse over the small thumbnail buttons in the gallery menu, the new pieces will have a red outline around them
indicating that they are the new additions.

The list of the new pieces are:
Hiruma Aki exp
Ide Towako
Swift Sword Strike
Sentei No Oni exp
The Saga of Taki
Pokku exp
Shinjo Naota
Pokku's Raiders
Brute Force

July 25, 2008

I'll be updating the Gallery pages soon and give you some new art to look at. I've been keeping busy working on some boardgames for Bucephalus Games, a new boardgame company. I've also finished a few comic covers for Boom! Studios' Warhammer 40K Fire and Honor mini series and Warhammer Crown of Destruction mini series. I'll put them up in the gallery when they get released this fall.

For those of you that usually look for me at Gen Con for prints, new t-shirts, autographs, or to hang out with etc., I won't be attending this year (sorry). I hope to make to Gen Con 09 with a bunch of new art to show and sell.

August 03, 2007

What's new you ask? This website is new, that's what! Yes, it's been a very long time since my website has been updated. I apologize to those who kept visiting my website hoping to see something new and were faced with the same stuff and for those visiting for the first time, welcome. I've been learning the website creating ropes in between painting assignments and hope to keep things a little more current this time around. I'm not a whiz at this by any means, but I'm having fun exploring this new (to me) medium.

The website is still in production so some new sections will come into play as I finish them. Right now we have the news, gallery, and contacts sections running. I'm currently working on other sections as time allows. Go on and browse through the site and enjoy it. More is on the way so check back every now and then.




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