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Contact Info

To contact me, you can e-mail me here.


I can also be contacted the old fashioned way
through snail mail at the following address:

Paul (Prof) Herbert
PO Box 636
Milford, MA. 01757-4128

Art Sales:

I do sell my original paintings though some may not be available. If you're interested in a particular painting (or paintings), you can e-mail me and I can quote you a price for it. If you wish to buy it after you get your quote we can work out payment and shipping details over e-mail.

Autographing Game Cards:

If you want any game cards bearing artwork I've done to be signed, I do sign by mail. Send your cards with a self addressed, post paid return envelope (so I can send them back to you). Return postage is an important part of getting your signed cards back in your possession. Without it, there is no guarantee on getting them sent back to you.

If you are unsure of the return postage this is a solution you can try. Bring your return address envelope with the cards inside, to the post office and have them weigh it. They can tell you the cost of the postage to send it back to you from my town. They can print you a postage sticker for it that you attach to the return envelope. That way the return envelope will be all set for your cards to be sent back to you after I've signed them.